Why Use Western Digital SSD Drives?

There are more than enough SSD drive brands on the market. But despite that, only one particular brand seems to be more popular. You will notice that most high-end PCs and laptops come with a Western Digital SSD drive. But why it is so? Western Digital Drives Offer Higher Speeds Why use Western Digital SSD […]

What is the arctic Wolf platform

Arctic Wolf platform is a network that works to address problem s which many technicians in the security sector receive untrue positive incident notifications that require an effective response. That company provides security service which is made of own home-grown SIEM featuring in a cloud and backed up frequently by security engineers that filter any […]

What to Expect from Cellebrite in 2019

Cellebrite is a technology company located in Israel that deals with unlocking mobile phones. Reports and researches show and prove that Cellebrite can unlock almost every phone including all iPhone models. Despite the company being in Israel it has become and is mostly used by the U.S. government to unlock mobile phones. Today in the […]

What you should know about DuckDuckGo

The increased security breaches, countless state surveillance as well as the increased concern about sharing private data have made many users into wanting to secure their privacy more than ever. Since its invention a couple of years ago, DuckDuckGo search engine optimization is currently finding its acceptance among users across the globe. The management announced […]

Infrared Camera and Paranormal Activity

Paranormal research is a field that has been in existence for hundreds of years. Although technological advancements have improved the activity, the desire to access people who have died is not a new thing. Notably, the earliest paranormal investigator was Joseph Glanvil, the chaplain of King Charles the second. He was obsessed with paranormal activities […]

What is a Paranormal Investigator?

What is a Paranormal Investigator? Paranormal activities have become more popular in the recent past, especially among the group of people who have interest in ghost hunting. It may sound like an exciting and promising job, but the thing is that numerous paranormal investigators in the world are not successful and have little experience than […]