Strange unexplained noises

Imagine you are home alone, or with your spouse, you’ve decided to dedicate the day reading some novel or listening to soft music, suddenly the door starts banging or you hear some footsteps next door or even some funny noises you just can’t explain. You decide to check, but there is nothing you can find, the sounds might recur, and they can scare the crap out of you.

Psychokinetic activities

Things moving around the house without anybody moving them, glasses can fly off the table; cupboards opening for no apparent reason are for certain paranormal activities because what you are seeing is unexplainable.

Objects disappearing and reappearing

We all have things we commonly use, let’s give an example of your door keys. And there is a high probability we put them at some specific place when we open our door. Imagine you put your keys in your usual spot but on your way out the keys have disappeared; you look for the keys up and down till you are exhausted. Sometime later the keys find themselves in the usual spot.

Lights turning off and on

At times such a situation is due to electric flaws, but its paranormal for the situation to continue even after the problem is rectified.

That feeling that you are being watched

Such feelings become paranormal when you think you are being observed consistently then something terrible happens.

Animals exhibiting strange behaviors

It’s always weird when you get a dog barking at something that you cannot see, or dogs to have that strange feeling of something unusual.

Smells that you cannot explain

It is strange when you feel some distinct smell of cologne or perfume that you don’t have in your house. What makes it even more bizarre is when the smell occurs.

Physical assault

Physical assault is extremely rare, but we cannot rule out the probability that it can happen, something you cannot see can slap you or even engage you in some physical fight.

Physical evidence

You reside all alone, but you find unexplained writings or strange images on the walls that you cant explain their origin.

Appearance of ghosts or ghost-like images

Sometimes you can see some wired images in the dark that you cannot explain, some people say they are ghosts though it’s hard to prove unless otherwise, somebody takes a picture of them.




  1. Optional Step: Check around the house and look out for any strange appearances or weird movements, but always have a group of people with you if you suspect it to be haunted. please don’t do it alone, scary!

  2. ghosts do not exist. Santa Claus doesn’t exist either, you know..? Shocking, I know..but it’s actually true: )

  3. Is it bad that all of this has happened to me before in my house. Creepy to believe but does exist.

  4. ghost do really exist it was 3am back then when woke from bed rush to the comfort room seeing a shadow of a girl in white with a long hair moving towards me, i screamed out loud……oh my god it was my wife….lols

  5. based on experienced, i have my third eye opened. paranormal activities are just normal to me, and they live with us, for those who didn’t believe you rather be, don’t wait the time that you see it with your naked eye.

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