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Why Use an EMF Detector for Paranormal Activity?

Ghost hunters use EMF meters because they help remove the doubt that ghostly presence is a myth. The presence of ghost can be linked to electromagnetic energy and fluctuation in temperature. The fact that ghosts are unproven isn’t good. Additionally, no one knows why ghosts continue to exist in their state. The mechanics of an […]

Infrared Camera and Paranormal Activity

Paranormal research is a field that has been in existence for hundreds of years. Although technological advancements have improved the activity, the desire to access people who have died is not a new thing. Notably, the earliest paranormal investigator was Joseph Glanvil, the chaplain of King Charles the second. He was obsessed with paranormal activities […]

What is a Paranormal Investigator?

What is a Paranormal Investigator? Paranormal activities have become more popular in the recent past, especially among the group of people who have interest in ghost hunting. It may sound like an exciting and promising job, but the thing is that numerous paranormal investigators in the world are not successful and have little experience than […]

10 signs there might be paranormal activity in your house

Strange unexplained noises Imagine you are home alone, or with your spouse, you’ve decided to dedicate the day reading some novel or listening to soft music, suddenly the door starts banging or you hear some footsteps next door or even some funny noises you just can’t explain. You decide to check, but there is nothing […]

Here are some of the known haunted locations in the United States

Some of the places known to have paranormal activity in America are popular places to visit year round. Ever since the “Paranormal” word hit the lexicon in many film lovers vocabulary, it’s been a hot commodity to the revamping of these haunted places in America. If you’re a movie lover or simply believe in these […]