Some of the places known to have paranormal activity in America are popular places to visit year round. Ever since the “Paranormal” word hit the lexicon in many film lovers vocabulary, it’s been a hot commodity to the revamping of these haunted places in America. If you’re a movie lover or simply believe in these haunted places, you may want to visit one of the listed known paranormal places in the States.

They’ve been in shows they’ve catered to such paranormal activity such as The Ghost Adventures or The Dead Files. Two other shows popular on Netflix are A Haunting and the recent The Lowe Files which is by 80’s hot throb, Rob Lowe and his two sons. There’s a dozen more, but the mentioned above are the most popular. Nevertheless, its the scary tales which linger through the halls and ‘fortresses’ of these places that are considered some of the known haunted places to have paranormal activity in the United States.

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (Weston, West Virginia)

Simply saying the words “abandoned lunatic asylum” is all you’ll need and you’ll feel a spooked. This asylum is one of the most haunted places to visit in America. Known for using the electro-shock treatments, plus lobotomies, former patients still are known to roam the halls and rooms. Being physically restrained as they were medicated, patients were more medicated than helped that it’s no wonder they’re still lingering after they’ve passed.

The Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, Colorado)

Stephen King spent some time in the Stanley Hotel with his family to “get the feel” of the “haunting” experiences as he wrote his book, The Shining. The infamous room 217 is said to be the room where it started. In the past, paranormal investigators have said it’s one of the “most active” locations in the USA. Visitors will hear children’s laughing while playing and see various apparitions down the halls. Other known activities are catching a glimpse of the butler walking down the main center staircase. The flickering lights being turned on and off is another common activity visitors will see in one of America’s famous hotels.

The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast (Fall River, Massachusetts)

This paranormal hot-spot is “supposedly” the place where Lizzie Borden “used an axe on her mother (forty times). It was the trial of the century which took place in 1892. Compared to the OJ Simpson trial then, the rooms where these horrific murders took places are the most active with paranormal activity.

The Sultan’s Palace (New Orleans, LA)

The famous address is 716 Dauphine St. and it’s located in the classic French Quarters. With the beauty of “iron balconies,” it has a courtyard that is considered large to New Orleans standards. During the 1800s, it was a house of horrors, and still is considered an active place for paranormal activity. The main reason for the haunted activities is because of the owner of this address. He was a wealthy man and he had a deprived life. With many children and wives, including some women and boys held against their will, he became an angry soul. Neighbors complained about his partying and all the noise but was said to be a mystery. He would torture his victims. The Sultan house is said to have his body in the courtyard. (He was buried alive.) He was said to have been killed by a mystery perpetrator when he/she found out that he killed his family and the captive people. Still, visitors hear his voices, noises, music, and incense smells which are said to roam the house. There’s also groping on females when visiting this haunted house as well.

Moundsville Penitentiary (West Virginia)

The haunted penitentiary was in operation for 100+ years. It was also one of the most violent places in America’s correctional facilities. Known for many riots and tight cells, it was also the last places for 1,000 criminals lived in. Either they were put to death for their crimes by the electric chair or hung, they’re still around. Although it’s known to still be lingering with spirits whom aren’t too happy. During tours, visitors can hear and see the former prisoners down the halls and in the tight quarters. It closed in 1995.

Finally, when you decide to visit one of these places, make sure you don’t visit any one of them alone. If you believe in paranormal activity, you’ll screech at sights and sounds, but if you don’t, you may start believing in ghosts and paranormal activities. After visiting any one of these places, you’ll see why. There’s much more haunted and active paranormal locations to visit in the USA, although these are the top locations for the best paranormal locations in America.




  1. I’ve been there in Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast.. it’s terrifying. I can’t think to go there again.

  2. stanley hotel, right the story is passing through generation, i can’t believe it but my late Grandfather testifies that is was true.

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