Paranormal research is a field that has been in existence for hundreds of years. Although technological advancements have improved the activity, the desire to access people who have died is not a new thing. Notably, the earliest paranormal investigator was Joseph Glanvil, the chaplain of King Charles the second. He was obsessed with paranormal activities in the British Isles. Although ghost hunting activities were done many years before Glanvil, it was until Glavil published his findings, which the whole operation was regarded as legitimate.

Using infrared cameras for paranormal activities

With the improvement in technology, paranormal activity methods have also advanced immensely. Many amateur and novice ghost hunters use infrared cameras to help in these excursions. Although the cameras work perfectly in hunting ghosts, it is crucial to know the features these cameras have and how one can identify false readings.

Unlike the standard cameras, infrared cameras are designed to absorb electromagnetic waves. These waves are not as visible as light waves. However, their spectrum is higher than those of radio waves and microwaves. The cameras let you see low-frequency wavelengths that lets you see heat waves and not light variations.

Types of infrared cameras

  • Handheld infrared cameras

This is the most used camera for paranormal investigators. Although the other types of cameras discussed are useful for surveillance, they are a bit rigid when it comes to installation. Handheld infrared cameras can go just about anywhere the paranormal investigators go. This kind of portability is critical when investigating some areas or large rooms. Unlike other infrared cameras, this one offers LUX and the technology needed for the paranormal investigation.

  • Infrared dome cameras

This camera is somewhat similar to the bullet camera. It is a fixed camera made only for security purposes. The best thing about the dome cameras is that they have a broad viewing angle, meaning they can cover a vast area. Paranormal investigators love to use the camera because it lets them scan a wide area. You can place the camera on the ceiling of your room or in any area with ghost presence.

  • Cooled infrared detectors

This camera is placed in a sealed cased. It’s used for ghost hunting cooling, allowing the camera to capture radiations from objects. Arguably, this camera is costly and burdensome, but still, they are great in producing quality images when you compare it to conventional cameras.

  • Uncooled infrared detector

This is the most used infrared camera by ghost hunters. The camera works through a sensor, and not a semiconductor. Also, the sensor functions by measuring the average temperature in the room and creates an image after that by comparing infrared temperature and ambient temperature.

  • Infrared bullet camera

The infrared bullet camera was made as a property security. But, paranormal investigators can use the gadget and design for paranormal activities. The cameras are incredibly durable, and you can install it inside your house or outside because it is weatherproof and waterproof. Nonetheless, the camera is affordable and easy to install. Paranormal investigators may use the camera in places where ghost are common.


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  1. The infrared bullet camera is the same as Bullet IR cameras? What are the pros and cons? I’m planning to buy one. Thnx

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