What is a Paranormal Investigator?

Paranormal activities have become more popular in the recent past, especially among the group of people who have interest in ghost hunting. It may sound like an exciting and promising job, but the thing is that numerous paranormal investigators in the world are not successful and have little experience than those you see on the TV. However, if you are aspiring to become a paranormal investigator, there are a number of things you need to know before you become one.

Functions of a paranormal investigator

The primary function of paranormal investigators is to study unusual events within a specific place such as weird noises or unusual movement of objects or floating objects. So, the investigators aim to find evidence or proof of abnormal activities. They make use of unique techniques to observe and identify paranormal activities, such as unstable house foundations or power lines or they want to collect evidence. The investigators use sophisticated tools such as EMF detectors and infrared cameras to capture wave movements. Apart from collecting paranormal evidences, many paranormal investigators help people who need help in understanding paranormal phenomena to reduce their worries or anxiety.

Educational background

Sadly, many colleges around the world don’t have the formal parapsychology as a course, even in spite of the increase in paranormal research and parapsychology. But instead, most of these colleges provide the subject as only an elective. The University of Edinburg is the only institution that offers parapsychology degrees. And because of less information and education on the course, many of those who want to become professional paranormal investigators, have to pursue a degree in a separate discipline, more so in psychology. If you choose to do this degree, it is advisable that you take studies on paranormal activities simultaneously.

Work environment and salary

To become a professional paranormal investigator, you need to spend a substantial amount of time doing a lot of investigations from churches, homes, as well as haunted places. In addition, you have to carefully select a place to check the evidence when you are not out in the field such as a standard working area with other investigators or a private office.

The truth of the matter is that most private investigators don’t make much. This is mainly because the discipline is quite costly, and what makes it this costly is the fact that you have to purchase your own equipment. This is the reason many ghost hunters pursue this job on a part-time basis. Therefore, you should look for another job to supplement your income and upkeep.

However, if you are more than ready to pursue this career, then it will not be hard for you to be immersed in the paranormal world. However, you must be willing to spend a couple of years to learn every important detail you need to know. This will help you become not only knowledgeable, but also a better paranormal investigator. Therefore, before you choose to become a ghost hunter, take this into consideration.



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  1. paranormal investigator are those normal people looking unusual events, without relative evidence as of the moment, some of those are dead already, pitty on them…dont know if they are being studied too by thier left comrades

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