Arctic Wolf platform is a network that works to address problem s which many technicians in the security sector receive untrue positive incident notifications that require an effective response. That company provides security service which is made of own home-grown SIEM featuring in a cloud and backed up frequently by security engineers that filter any noise of security-alert and only triggers alerts which come from incidents that need actual further investigation. The company ages 4 years now but it’s only from last year that it began serving AWN Cyber SOC service which analyzes quickly the security data from several other devices used for security.

SIEM is a platform that has a backup of like twenty security engineers that keep watch of in case any abnormality is identified from the platform then after which it sorts out to determine events that require investigation on site by the security technicians of the customers. The CEO states that every customer is given their own engineer to serve them and so the engineer with time develops some bit of understanding of the certain challenges that the customer faces. Those engineers as well give recommendations of other tweaks to use to other different devices on security like firewalls and antivirus so as to make sure defense is so tight.

The goals of Arctic Wolf Platform


The major goal of the platform is to cut on false positives. The company claims that it aims at zero false positives due to the attention of human analyst prior to giving alerts to customers. It is obvious that people will make mistakes and like 99% false positives get isolated them removed before they are passed as alerts to the customer.

AWN Cyber-SOC is service that flags several incidents weekly from the many detected events and hence reduces the events numbers which need to be addressed. The service is capable of taking feeds from existing customer security gear then as well sort them targeting same aim. So as to attract as many customers to the service, the company tries as much too just ask for a monthly commitment from its customers without charging any installation fee. It is always a big concern when it comes to cost and ensuring the service remains as attractive. The service cost ranges between $3 and $7 each employee monthly and such makes it even attractive to the middle size companies which lack resources to offer in-house coverage.

Pricing of Arctic Wolf depends on numbers of locations, servers and employees each starting from $5,000 monthly for a contract to be done throughout the year. The biggest aim as to why the current AWN CEO founded it was after he recognized the need the small companies have when it comes to security but cannot afford it due to higher cost and so the platform aims at serving all at that price.