Cellebrite is a technology company located in Israel that deals with unlocking mobile phones. Reports and researches show and prove that Cellebrite can unlock almost every phone including all iPhone models. Despite the company being in Israel it has become and is mostly used by the U.S. government to unlock mobile phones. Today in the year 2018, the company has told its esteemed customers that at the moment it can open all kind of phones that run on iOS 11 including the new iPhone X.

With such an ability to bypass any security on mobile phones, Cellebrite in the year 2019 will venture and in the field of criminal investigations and help government law enforcers solve crimes. If at the moment Cellebrite can bypass multiple security logins of iPhone models, it will be able to unlock super complex locks in laptops and other gadgets. Also, this idea can be reversed to construct a super powerful phone lock.

hacking-iphoneCellebrite technology works by overwriting the mechanism that limits the number of password entry attempts. However, there are beliefs that robust passwords are incapable of unlocking or bypassing. In the year 2019 Cellebrite is hopeful that it will be able to avoid any password regardless of the gadget. Cellebrite has enough experienced human resources to work to innovate and come up with such a mechanism.

It is believed and rumored that Cellebrite hires engineers who previously worked for Apple, and since the company is in Israel, apple cannot prosecute them. Since unlocking of phones with Cellebrite is still unlawful and in the coming year, it hopes to perform legal unlocking of mobile phones in all models both new and old.

Cellebrite charges for its services and come the year 2019, Cellebrite aims to infiltrate the globe and that their services will be used and accessed by most countries around the world.