The increased security breaches, countless state surveillance as well as the increased concern about sharing private data have made many users into wanting to secure their privacy more than ever. Since its invention a couple of years ago, DuckDuckGo search engine optimization is currently finding its acceptance among users across the globe. The management announced that the SEO had surpassed 10 billion searches in January 2018 whereby over 4 billion searches happened in 2016.

What is DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is an exceptional search engine that offers fast, relevant and useful results. The SEO is valuable if you want to know how your info is being tracked online. DuckDuckGo does not use cookies and thus cannot monitor what users are doing online neither can they collect users personal information. Indeed, a user’s IP address is hidden as well. It offers features that are comparable to none. These features include:

  • It is easier to scroll and find what you want at DuckDuckGo simply because the results pages aren’t paginated.
  • The favicons, which are small images that are unique to every site and display in the address bar, show up next to search results to allow users to recognize their favorite sites immediately.
  • From your search query, you will get prompt answers known as ‘zero-click info’ defined by a red outline at the top of your search results.

Besides, DuckDuckGo provides users with the capability to search within any website, using either a ‘bang’ search shortcut or drop-down menu next to the main search box. There are numerous DuckDuckGo bang shortcuts, covering a vast multitude of websites varying in topics from entertainment to research. Also, it offers all types of search shortcuts known as goodies, and they are anything from individual cheat sheets to specialized keyboard shortcuts.

How is it different from Bing and Google?

duckduckgo vs googleWhen a user clicks links from Bing and Google, even in incognito mode, the search results are sent to the website a user is visiting in the HTTP referrer header. After visiting that particular website, the user’s computer shares its info such as its IP address. This type of info can be used to identify users. DuckDuckGo refers this as ‘search leakage’ and avoids it occurring by default on its search results. As opposed to other SEO, when you click a link of a website in DuckDuckGo, your search results will be redirected in such a way that other sites will not see your search info and private info. The websites will know that you visited them, but they will not know the info you accessed neither will they identify your IP address.

Why is DuckDuckGo gaining popularity?

Data privacy anxieties are on the rise across the world. For instance, Facebook has received a lot of pressure, leading to many users to start worrying about their own privacy. DuckDuckGo is unique as compared from the rest because it does not collect or share your data. According to the organization, it does not share your search history or personal data. It neither tracks you across the internet nor follows you with ad