Ghost hunters use EMF meters because they help remove the doubt that ghostly presence is a myth. The presence of ghost can be linked to electromagnetic energy and fluctuation in temperature. The fact that ghosts are unproven isn’t good. Additionally, no one knows why ghosts continue to exist in their state.

The mechanics of an EMF Detector

An EMF detector is designed to sense a change in magnetic field. By doing so, it exerts a small voltage, which is then amplified to give the measurement to the person using the device. The fundamentals here the same as those in metal detectors, vending machines, and electric guitar pickups.

Generally, a metallic substance or an actual magnetic field initiates a voltage in a circuit by using an inductor or a coil. The gadget then uses the detected signals in various ways, while recording the physics of the original detection. A piece of metal, together with a magnetic field, can bring about a change in the magnetic field, by transmitting a voltage in the circuit. The device is designed to search for a change in magnetic field, and not a reception or amplitude of a signal.

The thing is the gadget sends out signals based on fluctuation changes in the magnetic strength. A good example is placing the meter in a building with many metals, pointing it away or towards an electrical tool, and so much more. Typically,  Data signals vary in intensity and are imperfect. Also, they possess harmonic components. Furthermore, they can be erratic.

To be frequency selective, the metal has to have a bandpass filtering or an antenna with a cutoff. As you may know, the EMF meter uses an inductor that acts as a detector for the magnetic field. It has to have a filter that helps to get rid of the swath of frequencies detected. As the frequency increases, the components in the EMF meter also increase in reactance. But an increase in frequency decreases the wavelength. On the other hand, an inductor can be an effective receptor, especially when the frequencies are high, which generally cause EMI-related problems. However, an RF signal can set off the device without any problem, more so if the signals are very stronger, or has enough resources.

The Electro Magnetic Field Theory

When interviewed data storage experts who has years of experience researching and testing electro magnetic fields in other areas they did confirm our theories. This theory supposes that a spirit or a ghost usually emits an electromagnetic field, and the EMF meter can quickly detect this form of energy. Typically, living creatures and inanimate objects release electromagnetic energy. Also, manmade tools such as fuse boxes and electrical outlets, air conditioning units, television sets, electric wiring, computers and so much more. These devices emit string electromagnetic energy, and this means high readings on the EMF meter

For spirits or ghosts, they give a reading of approximately between 1.5mg and 6mg, depending on the meter you use. Generally, a paranormal reading is not stable or constant, and for that reason, they are artificially made. You may have to follow the ghost or spirit where it goes.



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